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Sellers Wanted!

We're currently experiencing a "low inventory" situation. Well-priced properties are selling quickly, and consequently Buyers don't have many properties to choose from. Contact us to find out how we will position and market YOUR property to add it to the ranks of successfully-sold properties!

Our PRoven Recipe for Success: PRicing – PReparation - PResentation

Let the experience and track record of the professionals at Nashoba Real Estate guide you toward YOUR real estate goal!

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Seller Incentive

We have had great success working with home stagers over the past years. The talented professionals with whom we team up have helped our listings present in a more attractive manner and sell faster. We encourage our Seller Clients to engage the services of a home staging professional. In fact, we offer a credit of up to $250.00 which will be reimbursed at the time of closing with Nashoba Real Estate, Inc. Please contact us for a short list of recommended home stagers.

After a room-by-room walk-through with the home owner(s), the staging professional will provide a detailed list of recommendations on how to highlight the best features of your property. Her suggestions might include items such as:

  • What to remove from a room...
  • How to rearrange your existing furniture...
  • How to thoughtfully accessorize with artwork, a plant or a lamp...

Home staging is more important now than ever because there is much competition for the eye of a Buyer. The house has to "wow" and "grab" the Buyer right from the beginning. First impressions are key! Research shows that staged homes sell more quickly and for more money. Our goal for staging a home is to strike the perfect balance between creating a space that’s attractive and appealing to a potential Buyer while making sure that it still feels like the Seller's home that's comfortable and fits your lifestyle.

Please contact Nashoba Real Estate, Inc. to learn more about the advantages of working with a home stager and getting reimbursed for the expense at closing.

Home Clean-out Services

Nashoba Real Estate, Inc. offers coordinated services to get your property ready for sale, and/or to get it in "broom-clean" condition before closing. This service includes basements, garages, barns and exteriors.

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